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S. Kingsborough

Director of Public Safety

Thank you for visiting the Middlesex Township Police Department’s web site. Middlesex Township is a diversified township which includes farming, construction, trucking and manufacturing companies. The officers of the Middlesex Township Police Department are committed to providing a safe environment and preserving the peace for the residents and the motoring public who travel to and from Middlesex every day. My officers are dedicated to working with not only the residents of Middlesex Township but the surrounding communities to improve the relationship and communication between the police department and our communities. The Middlesex Township Police Department offers full time twenty-four hour police service. Our web site will be updated with information that might be useful in your travel. It will also include any extended road work which will require the road to be closed. Information for the appropriate detour to by-pass the road work will be included. I hope the information included on the web site will be useful to you and you will return regularly for any updates. It is my desire that if you are a resident of Middlesex Township or just passing through, your stay will be a safe and happy one. If you desire to contact the Middlesex Township Police Department you may call 717-249-7191 or at Director of Public Safety, Steven Kingsborough

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