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Splash Pad


SPLASH PAD       HOURS OF OPERATION: 12 – 7 p.m. first week in June through Labor Day


Groups Coming to the Splash Pad
The Township requests that all groups larger than 10, call the Township office (717-249-4409) to arrange for a visit to the Splash Pad. If all groups do so, it will help the Recreation Director to attempt to schedule groups so that there are not several groups planning on visiting on the same date. (The pad is 30 x 40 fenced in pad with 7-10 sprinklers, so it is not a huge area.)
If your group is larger than 10, please divide your group into smaller groups, and while one group is on the Splash Pad, the other group(s) can be on the Playground, Basketball Court and/or Ballfield. This will allow for families to use the Splash Pad too.
Use of the Pavilion during your visit is not guaranteed. If it is rented or having maintenance completed, you are welcome to use the picnic tables sitting outside of the Pavilion.

Middlesex Township Splash Pad Rules
1. All persons using the splash pad do so at their own risk. No life guard on duty.
2. All children under 16 must have adult supervision at all times.
3. The water in the splash pad recirculates, so for your safety, do not drink the water.
4. Water shoes are suggested.
6. Infants must wear swim diapers, and please do not change diapers on the splash pad.
7. Persons with open cuts or sores, infections or diseases that may be transmitted by the pool water are prohibited.
8. No animals on the pad.
9. Do not carry mud or sand onto the pad.
10. No glass or food containers on the pad.
11. Skateboards, Rollerblades and Bikes are not permitted on pad.
12. Do not use splash pad during severe weather conditions such as electrical storms or tornado.
13. No electrical appliances within 5 feet of the pad.
14. Do not cover water fixtures or drains.
15. Splash pad may be closed at any time due to maintenance or other concerns.