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Winter Safety & Snow Reminders


Snow should be placed or shoveled to the right side of the driveway as you are facing the public street. By plowing away from the direction of oncoming snow plows, this action will prevent the bulk of the snow from being pushed back into the driveway. Eliminate snow piles at the driveway entrance whenever possible. Residents are also asked to clear snow away from fire hydrants. Middlesex Twp Ordinance #2-94 makes it unlawful for any person or entity to place any snow or ice (whether by shoveling, sweeping, plowing, blowing, pushing, dumping or otherwise) upon the cleared and/or treated portion of a public street or road within the township.

Please place recycle bins, trash containers and basketball hoops in your driveway (not on the road) so these objects do not become a hazard for motor vehicles and snowplows using the road.
Middlesex Township will not replace mailboxes if snow from the plow damages them.
No parking is permitted in cul de sacs November 1—April 15.


Plow Truck Safety Tips

When encountering a plow truck, drivers should follow these safety tips:

Stay Back: Stay at least six car lengths behind an operating plow and remember that the main plow is wider than the truck. Wing plows, which are located on the sides of the truck, are generally 10 feet wide.
Remain Alert: Snowplows generally travel much more slowly than other traffic and may at times be completely obscured due to blowing snow or heavy snowfall rates. This is especially true in open areas where high winds can create zero visibility without warning.
Move Over: Move as far away from the centerline of the road as is safely possible when approaching a snowplow head-on, and remember that snow spray can obscure the actual snowplow width.
Never Pass: Never try to pass or get between several trucks plowing side by side in a “plow train.” The weight of the snow thrown from the plow can quickly cause smaller vehicles to lose control, creating a hazard for all nearby vehicles.
Don’t Drive in the Snow Plow “No Zone”: Never travel next to a snowplow since there are blind spots where the operator can’t see. Also, plow trucks can occasionally be moved sideways when hitting drifts or cutting through heavy snowpack.
Headlights On: Keep your lights on when driving near snowplows to help the operator better see your vehicle. Also remember that under Pennsylvania state law, vehicle lights must be on every time a vehicle’s wipers are on due to inclement weather.

Source: PennDOT Press Office