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Field Use Request

2024 Field Use Request Form








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Complete this form if you are interested in renting a ball field at Middlesex Township Park on 50 Beagle
Club Road. All requests will be reviewed, and field assignments will be made with an attempt to
accommodate as many teams as possible. (Depending on the number of requests, it is possible that the
dates, times or fields may not be available to all who apply.) Field Requests should be completed and
emailed to
Township Recreation Little League are given first opportunity for use, listed below are fields and dates
that Little League has reserved.
Fields 1, 7, & 11 are reserved Monday- Thursday, April 1-May 11, 2024.
Field 12 is reserved Mondays and Wednesdays, April 1- May 11, 2024.


Additional Notes for 2024
• No Coach’s Meeting is required.
• Maintenance Change

The Township will no longer drag the fields daily, so coaches will need to ensure fields are
raked after use. We also ask that plugs are placed at the bases when finished and the
bases are placed in the equipment box.

 2024 Field Use Request Form Change.
Under Section #4 Field Use, you must indicate whether you are requesting the field for
Spring/Summer Season and/or Summer/Fall season.

Spring/Summer Season is March – July 15, and the fee is $100 for the season.
Summer/Fall Season is July 16-October 31, and the fee is $100 for the season.

If you request both seasons, the fee would be $200.
Requesting a field for one season would include a $100 deposit, and if requesting the same
field for both seasons, the deposit would still only be $100.
Both fee/s and deposit must be made in cash or by check payable to: Middlesex Township.
Please note team name and coach’s name on the memo.