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Stormwater/ MS4
Stay Smart and Safe This Winter
Do you know that salt and other materials we use to add traction and melt ice and snow can run off into our waterways and contribute to stormwater runoff pollution? Here are a few winter tips:


• Shovel early.  The sooner you shovel, the less likely it is for ice and snow build up, and you will not need     to use as much salt.
• Do not over salt!  Salt takes time to work.  Extra salt does not increase its time to work.
• Certain de icers and salt have less environmental impact.  Look for eco-friendly products that contain         acetate, potassium chloride or magnesium chloride.  Try to avoid products containing sodium chloride         and calcium chloride which are more harmful to vegetation, wildlife, and pets.
• Many de icers don’t work in temperatures below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  For an alternative and more           environmentally friendly traction agent, try using cracked corn.
• Sand and kitty litter may work but can clog storm drains and contribute to runoff pollution.
• When possible, sweep up excess salt and traction material before they runoff into our streams.