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Recycling will be picked up once a each week on the same day as trash collected. Enjoy Single-Stream Recycling, all of your recyclables can be placed together in the same bin! No sorting required. Please rinse all containers clean! The following Items may be recycled:

See Flyer below for Penn Waste updated Accepted Recyclables

36236 Penn Waste Recycling Info Flyer

* Glass Bottles & Jars (Green, brown & clear) Remove lids and food debris from containers. Do not break glass bottles.
* Aluminum Food & Beverage Cans Remove all Lids & Caps. Caps and Lids are to be put into regular trash. Labels do not need to be removed.
* Ferrous Cans (Iron, Steel & Tin) Remove food debris from the cans. Labels do not need to be removed from the cans.
* Plastic Containers & Bottles Natural and pigmented plastic narrow-neck containers with the symbols May crush plastic containers.
* Newspapers &  Paper
* No food contact cardboard, cardboard cut to 18″ x 12″ & bundle.
*Place recyclables directly into your recycling cart – don’t bag your recyclables and no loose plastic bags.
Recycling is mandatory under the PA Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 101 of 1998. Ordinance 2-99 requires businesses to provide the Township with the information needed for the 907 Performance Grant and Act 101 recycling report.
Commercial Recycling
Acceptable Items: Corrugated cardboard, high grade office paper and aluminum cans.
Remember: Reimbursement from DEP is based on tonnage of recyclable collected. The more you recycle, the more reimbursement the Township gets. This money helps to keep taxes low and it helps the environment and you!


                                                       Additional Resources for Recycling & Disposal    
Cumberland County has large resources for recycling and disposal of waste information at