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Winter Fire Safety Tips

                                   Winter Fire Safety Tips
Now is the time to prepare for winter and make your home fire safe.
Every family should practice good fire prevention. Each home should
have a carbon-monoxide alarm in addition to the required working
smoke alarms. A fire escape plan and practicing fire drills with children are a necessity.


Fire Safety Tips

  • Heating Devices should be checked and cleaned annually, especially chimneys. Creosote (a bi-product of burning wood) can build up on the chimney walls and start a fires. Chimneys should be inspected and cleaned by a professional chimney sweep for any damages resulting from burning or that may have occurred during the summer storms. Just a small crack can allow flames and heat into your homes or attic.
  • Portable space heaters should be cleaned and checked before using. Keep all space heaters away from flammable materials, including drapery, chairs and walls.
  • Electric heat tapes are used to keep waterlines from freezing by many homeowners and mobile home residents. Heat tapes should be inspected annually for signs of wear, deterioration, cracks, charring or any other sign of aging. Replace immediately if any of the above signs are found. All uncertified heat tapes more than 3 years old should be replaced. Only UL-approved heat tapes should be used. Check manufactures recommendation for proper installation.
  • Burning candles should not be left unattended. Candles should only be lit when an adult is present. Candles should not le left burning when leaving the room or going to sleep.
If you have any question you can either contact Township Fire Chief Ed Beam at 717-580-8306 or email at or your local fire department.