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Trick or Treat






October 31st 

In the past several years, it has become clear that parents/neighbors have different ideas of what is safe or acceptable for Trick or Treat, so following a few of our neighboring municipalities, Middlesex Township will no longer set Trick or Treat. October 31st is Halloween and will be the day the community could expect additional foot traffic. This also means the Township will not reschedule or cancel. Parents and communities will need to determine what is best and safe for their children.


  • Costumes and accessories should be loose enough to move and see as well as fire resistant.

  • Attaching reflective tape or carrying glow sticks is encouraged.

  • A responsible adult should join young children as they walk around the neighborhood.  For older children, plan a route with check in times.

  • Walk in well-lit areas and tell children not to enter homes of strangers.

  • Adults and kids should put electronics down and be present in the moment so that children stay safe and they can take in the fun!

From the National Safety Council