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2016 GRASS                                              GRASSCYCLING
The township cannot take grass clippings at the Compost Facility (details about the Compost Facility are listed inside.) Please consider recycling your grass clippings (grasscycling) by leaving them on your lawn instead of collecting them for disposal.

2016 Grasscycling

Grass clippings are 75-85% water. They decompose quickly and return moisture to the soil. Grass clippings include nutrients such as nitrogen. These nutrients provide up to 50% of your lawn’s fertilizer needs which can reduce your need for chemical fertilizers. This will save you money and save our environment from excess fertilizer running off into our waterways.  To grasscycle properly cut your grass when it is dry, cut it regularly and use sharp mower blades. Some people worry that grass clippings will smother grass underneath or cause thatch, but it will not. Information from “Do Your Part: Grasscycle”