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Power Outages & Downed Power Lines

Power Outages & Downed Power Lines
       *  Stay away from downed power lines, although they appear to be dead they maybe still carrying power or can   become energized at any time. Electric wire lying on wet ground or in water can transmit a deadly shock for a distance  around the wires.
         *  Do not run a generator in your home or garage, carbon monoxide can kill.
        *  Unplug any electronic equipment or appliances that could be damaged by a   power surge when power is restored.
* Avoid using candles during power outages. Many home fires start from burning candles.
*  Report downed power lines and power outages to PPL at 1-800-342-5775. Have the following information ready; address where lines are down, PPL pole number or closest pole, whether trees are involved, are wires near any buildings, and be able to describe the situation (wires are sparking, a pole is down, trees are in lines, etc).
*  As a reminder now is the time for mobile home owners and occupants to checks the heat tapes on the underside of the unit. Make sure there is no evidence of wear, melting, fraying, discoloration or charring. If so disconnect tape immediately and replace it. Use only heat tapes approved by the Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL). Replace uncertified heat tapes more than 3 years old with new certified tapes.
*  In the event fire is involved or is immiment with power lines call 9-1-1 immediately.