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Emergency Management Medical Condition Notification

The township is in the process of updating its Emergency Management Plan.   A part of that plan includes any special assistance residents may need during an evacuation or in the event of fire, severe storms, power failures or other emergencies or disasters.  We are asking you to provide us with important information that will help us in assisting you or someone in your home.  You will need to provide this information even though you may have previously notified us of special conditions.  All information received will be shared with the emergency services that respond into the township.  If there are more than one individual with special need, please duplicate this form and complete a separate form for each individual.  Click below on the form.
Emergency Management Medical Condition Notification Form
You can help our police, fire and emergency medical services personnel find you quickly in emergencies by properly displaying you street address at your mailbox.  The street numbers MUST be clearly visible and should be able to be seen from both directions. You can purchase Street Number Signs through the Township for $12.  You can print the form by clicking below on the Street Sign Form.
If you live in a mobile home park make sure that lot numbers are at least 4” in height and are posted facing the street.
Street Signs Forms